Braden Gates

Braden Gates writes songs and sings them, plays fiddle, and tells stories. A born raconteur in both his songwriting and song introductions, he is often compared to a young Loudon Wainwright: for his similar grimacing as he hits the notes and the sharpness of his observation and sly humour. With intricate guitar picking and skillful fiddling, he weaves his way through song in a way unlike any other. He is set to release his second album, Ferris Wheel, in September 2014.

Alex Vissier

Growing up in the prairies of Alberta, Alex Vissia (VISS-ee-yah) has been preserving things in song-shaped jars for over a decade. Based in Edmonton, Alex has been building an audience around Western Canadian coffee shops, music clubs and festival stages since her debut album in 2011 (A Lot Less Gold; November 2011). It’s the combination of deft penmanship, deliberate arrangements, and honed vocal tone that make Alex Vissia stand out among a sea of young singer-songwriters striving for uniqueness. Alex grows into her sound with her second release, a whiskey-drenched batch of songs titled Young Love (May 2013). She’s taken her folk-country songwriting roots and added some dirt to the guitars, settled into a subtly weighted ensemble, and layered on backup vocals inspired by the girl-groups and folk-rockers of decades past to bring together a soulful, sultry, folk-alt-rock record.

Cayley Thomas

Cayley Thomas sounds like the muddy Mississippi came west on the North Saskatchewan whitewater. Born and raised on the riverbanks of Edmonton, Cayley is at home singing the blues of long winter nights, the jazz of orange prairie mornings and the folk of everyday life. Classically trained in voice and theatre she now bravely navigates the route of singer songwriter, crooning with vulnerability and bravado, breaking hearts wherever she goes.