Cam Neufeld -violin

Lisi Sommer - vocals

Alin Rogos -guitar and vocals

Billie Zizi - guitar and vocals

Clint Pelletier- guitar

Don Ross - clarinet

Keith Rempel - sousaphone / bass

Spencer Murray -saxophone / bagpipes

Mary-Lee Bird - trombone

Ahmed Al-Auqaily percussion

Dwayne Hyrnkiw - percussion

Bramwell Park - percussion

Geoff O’Brian -percussion

Cam Neufeld and The Gadjo Collective

The Gadjo Collective emerged from the Road to Django show and explores the music of the Balkans tossing in a dash of hot club swing. The Collective was formed after Cam Neufeld attended the Django festival in Samois, France in 2010 that celebrated Django’s 100th birthday. In the months leading up to that festival Cam traveled to India to explore the roots of Roma music and continued through the Balkans, Spain and France studying and composing. Since then, Cam has made three more trips to India, Turkey and the Balkans continuing to play and research music of the Roma.

Using traditional and newly composed pieces , these 13 seasoned musicians will have you on your feet dancing faster than you can say “ Holy Robbie Burns Day and Django Birthday Bash”