JJ Shiplett

You can sum up JJ Shiplett’s world with the line above (taken from his song Bluejay Highway). A songwriter in every situation and a dedicated player, JJ’s passion for quality music and sincere songs, is only matched by his goal to get everyone dancing. It’s CCR to Ryan Adams to the The Boss. Introducing JJ Shiplett.

Recently he was the recipient of Rawlco Radio’s 10k20 Grant Program in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Following the grant, he recorded his first full length album which will be released April 17th, 2012. Recorded at Five Acres Studios in Aldergrove, B.C. with the help of producer Ryan Mcallister (Dakona, Cowboys and Indians, Maverick Records), the album showcases heartfelt moments full of life experience, right alongside bursts of boisterous feel-good rock and roll. Sometime this spring/summer, JJ Shiplett will be coming to a Canadian city near you to play some new tunes from the album. Stayed tuned for more details.

In 2007, JJ released ‘Colours’. It was his first recording released to the publc. Titled for its diverse emotional journey, the album is an honest and expressive portrayal of an artist’s heart. Recorded in the basement of a Calgary church with the help of producer Adam Gill and Jason Graham (Barrage, Shane Yellowbird), the album was followed with shows across Canada. JJ opened for Canadian artist such as Jeremy Fisher, Zaac Pick and Hello Beautiful, as well as for international artists such as Thomas McCleary of The Commodores.

JJ Shiplett believes in creating and encouraging quality art in Canada; in entertaining and inspiring people across this great country.

Alex Vissia

Growing up in the prairies of Alberta, Alex Vissia (VISS-ee-yah) has been preserving things in song-shaped jars for over a decade. Based in Edmonton, Alex has been building an audience around Western Canadian coffee shops, music clubs and festival stages since her debut album in 2011 (A Lot Less Gold; November 2011). It’s the combination of deft penmanship, deliberate arrangements, and honed vocal tone that make Alex Vissia stand out among a sea of young singer-songwriters striving for uniqueness. Alex grows into her sound with her second release, a whiskey-drenched batch of songs titled Young Love (May 2013). She’s taken her folk-country songwriting roots and added some dirt to the guitars, settled into a subtly weighted ensemble, and layered on backup vocals inspired by the girl-groups and folk-rockers of decades past to bring together a soulful, sultry, folk-alt-rock record.

Ego the Jackal

‘Ego The Jackal’ is the alias of Derry born singer/songwriter, Connor McGowan, who fronted the band ‘Skruff’ before their split in early 2010. His debut album, ‘BIG MOON’ was released on 24/02/2012 with a live show in the Playhouse Theatre, Artillery st, along with some fantastic support acts. The second album, ‘Great Ocean Conveyor’ will be released at the end of this month, with many a gig to be announced in the coming weeks.