Kacy & Clayton

In recent decades, too many folk songs have been burdened by oversung vocals

and cluttered arrangements. Kacy and Clayton restore space to the art form by dealing

in subtlety instead of tinsel. Their arrangements employ minimal ornamentation. Kacy’s

completely unforced refreshing vocals are always in her own distinct and natural timbre.

Clayton’s instrumental talents serve every song with modesty; he reserves his virtuosity

for only those few transitions that require elaborate expression. The production values

of their recordings are consistent and simple. Kacy and Clayton shun studio trickery and

gimmicks, pursuing mixes that recall the natural warmth of 1970s british folk LPs. In

fact, much of their repertoire could easily be mistaken for hidden gems of decades past.

Their return to form is no mere retro affectation; it is a respectful bearing of the torch

passed on from their deep and studied musical heritage.

Kacy and Clayton’s entire lives have been steeped in the rich catalogs of folk

music masters. They are second cousins who grew up a short distance from each other

in a ranching community in southern Saskatchewan. As children they were surrounded

by rural musicality, absorbing the knowledge and skills of Kacy’s Grandfather (Clayton’s

Great-Uncle) Carl Anderson. Landmark figures of their musical roots include Leadbelly,

Shirley Collins, Alan Lomax, The Stanley Brothers, Charley Patton, Mississippi John

Hurt, and Davey Graham. Kacy and Clayton’s ears are expertly discerning, and their

musicianship is practiced to a sophisticated level of proficiency. They are very young,

but have already matured beyond the precociously talented stage by rapidly earning a

reputation among their fellow musicians as fully expressed mature artists in the prime

of their lives. In fact, the Deep Dark Woods – one of Canada’s most successful and

accomplished roots bands – has eagerly recruited Clayton as a guitarist, and Ryan Boldt

(DDW’s lead singer) has proudly taken on the task of producing Kacy and Clayton

albums. Clayton’s musical partnership with Kacy remains a primary focus for his

creative output.

Amy van Keeken

Edmonton musician Amy van Keeken is a founding member of the AwesomeHots and The Secretaries. Her debut solo EP “So Long” was released on January 8, 2013.