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Kim Beggs

Kim, almost born in a taxi cab on the way to the closest hospital eighty miles south in Val d’Or Quebec, lived her first years in Joutel, a little mining town that doesn’t exist anymore. She spent much of her childhood moving from place to place as her father followed mining jobs around Quebec and Ontario and then prior to her birth, in the Yukon where an older bother was born. Joutel was just the next stop along the way. Kim Beggs did not expect to lay down geographical roots that she could ‘come home to’, when she picked up and moved to the Yukon twenty-two years ago, but that’ what happened and she hasn’t looked back since.

The Yukon isn’t felt so much as place or geography in these songs; it’s experienced instead as an approach to living the kind of independent life that her music embodies. Located so far from urban centres, people in the North have to become adept at doing things by themselves or they won’t last very long. Kim’s music is like that. For ‘Beauty and Breaking’, Kim not only wrote every track – except for ‘Moonshiner’, an old Irish standard made popular by Tim Hardin and Bob Dylan – but also played a significant role in the production of the music with the versatile Toronto producer David Baxter, illustrated the CD jacket cover and readied the whole album for manufacture and distribution. From beginning to end, Kim Beggs was involved in every aspect of the creation of ‘Beauty and Breaking’ and the results speak for themselves. ‘Beauty and Breaking’ is Kim Beggs’ crowning achievement as four albums into an already impressive career, she continues to slowly build a body of work that gets better and better with the passage of time.

Braden Gates

From Edmonton, Alberta, Braden Gates is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing singer/songwriters in the province. A born raconteur in both his songwriting and song introductions, he is often compared to a young Loudon Wainwright: for his similar grimacing as he hits the notes and the sharpness of his observation and sly humor. Drawn to those with a story to tell, Gates aims to communicate these stories in a way that brings people together – which is often the case in one of his intimate live shows. Gates’ second album, Ferris Wheel, is a combination of intricate guitar work, driving fiddle playing and honest story telling.