*formal/costume wear highly recommended*

Lindsey Walker is celebrating her 30th birthday (as well as the beginning of many third-life crises) and would like YOU to celebrate with her! There will be performances from Colin Matty, The Almighty Turtlenecks and Lindsey Walker and her band and more! There will also be snacks, contests, as well as many fun activities that all scream "BIRTHDAYS ARE FUN!".

Lindsey Walker

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lindsey moved out west to Edmonton on a dare over 6 years ago. Lindsey studied jazz performance at Grant MacEwan College, and always being seen as the “rock-and roll rebel” Lindsey never stuck to the norm. Upon graduating from Grant MacEwan, she started touring with Edmonton-based rock and roots bands. It wasn't until 2011 she had begun perfecting her guitar skills and started playing shows solo. It proved to be the right choice for Lindsey, who played many local festivals, was asked to perform live on local radio and created a devoted mass of fans in less than one year.

In early 2012, Lindsey made a bold move to ask audience and friends for financial contributions to help fund her debut album. Within the 55 days she had allotted for the campaign, she was stunned see that her audience had helped raise more money than what she was asking for. In return they received completed copies of Our Glory, free tickets to shows and even homemade jam by Lindsey herself.

Lindsey officially released Our Glory May 4th 2013 to a packed house at The Artery in Edmonton, which was also the first night of her solo Our Glory tour which had stops in Kelowna, Jasper, Vancouver, Golden, and Winnipeg, among others.

The Almighty Turtlenecks

The Almighty Turtlenecks were born deep in the Delta South. A collection of musical comrades that found themselves in Edmonton Alberta, their sound is a honest and attractive revue of the sultry Stax sounds of the early 60’s.

Colin Matty

Colin Matty has been with the company ever since he and his pals won the Nosebowl in 2006. He plays Friday nights in Theatresports and every so often can be seen with the Imagineers at Chimprov. He’s also acted in and wrote a bunch of different productions for NextFest, Fringe, and New Works, among other things. One of his favorite things is his assortment of good friends. If you talk to him, maybe you can be good friends with him too.