Lisa LeBlanc

« Well, you look like trouble but I guess I do too » - L.L.

With the release if her platinum-selling debut record in 2012 (released in Europe in 2013), and a relentless tour throughout Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland, singer-songwritter Lisa LeBlanc had a brilliant launch to her career. Her irresistible charm lies in her unique self-described “folk-trash” style, and her upcoming mini-album Highways, Heartaches and Time Well-Wasted is proof of her amazing creativity.

Available on November 4th, 2014 via Bonsound, the opus is composed of five original tracks and one cover (arranged by Lisa) of the traditional folk song Katie Cruel, popularized by singer Karen Dalton.

Listen to the track You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do Too). Don't miss the album launch in Montreal, on November 4th at Théâtre Corona Virgin Mobile.

Craving adventure, Lisa LeBlanc hit the road in 2013 and followed the path of the Beat Generation across Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Austin and San Francisco. It was during this trip that she found the inspiration for the music on this record.

Recorded on the fly in Charlo, New-Brunswick with her loyal musicians Maxime Gosselin (drums) and Jean-Philippe Hébert (guitar), Highways, Heartaches and Time Well-Wasted is infused with the spirit of the Maritimes. Brad Barr, Émilie Bernard, Pierre-Guy Blanchard and François-Régis Pagé also participated in this EP, mixed by Pierre Girard and Joseph Donovan.

The young and talented producer Emmanuel Ethier brought an unexpected creative force out of the 23-year-old Acadian by encouraging her to leave her comfort zone. The result of these spontaneous sessions is an Americana sound that perfectly suits the grounded and warm personality of Lisa LeBlanc.

« The tunes are an evolution of the first album, which I wrote when I was 20. Two years later, there are a lot of things that have changed in my life, especially after the craziness of that first album. The EP is just a natural follow-up, it's my own story. There’s a lot more of a folk/roots trash vibe to it. It's still Lisa LeBlanc, just in English! » L.L.