Locomotive Ghost writes indie folk-rock for nerds and lovers. They are a collection of musicians, poets, and artists who play guitars, keyboards, bass, ukulele, banjo, drums, and percussion. Together, they make music that draws from classic roots-rock influences like The Band and Paul Simon while incorporating contemporary inspirations such as Joel Plaskett and Feist. The Calgary-based quartet samples their scientific backgrounds, exposes personal anecdotes, and injects artistic improbabilities to create “a mature and confident sound that stands out from a lot of other Canadian bands right now” (Grayowl Point).

With two conventional albums under their belt, Locomotive Ghost sought a new creative approach to stimulate their next venture. After months of brainstorming, they conceptualized a set of seasonally-tied 7” vinyl records exploring the themes of life, love, and the passage of time. The project follows an extremely strict schedule with three-month cycles for the creation of each four-song record. The financial challenge of multiple releases has necessitated the group to stretch the limits of their do-it-yourself approach. From the home-studio recordings to the hand-painted record jackets, they are completing every possible aspect of the project in house. To mark the release of each 7” record, the group is presenting seasonally-themed events and home-crafted sundries, both done in collaboration with Calgary artist Rachelle Quinn. The series began with the releases of Spring and Summer in the first half of 2013, and continues with the release of Autumn in October of 2013.

Sam the Living

As a secreter of hormones, Sam is excellent at the perfusion of oxygen. The capability of synapse, replication of cells, and an appropriate hypoxic drive have been recognized in this individual. Gaining little ground among the living, this literal human spends his time musing about the irrelevant, finding comfort in the acknowledgment of his own insignificance. Sam intends to die alone and forgotten, deconstructed into worm food.

Well Mannered Thieves

The Well Mannered Thieves is a collaborative of a diverse selection of musicians centered in Calgary, Alberta. Gritty drums merge with riff-heavy bass lines to create a laid back, groove-rock foundation. Dark stories are told with pop hooks and melodies, making for a unique but easily accessible experience.