Lyra Brown

Born and raised in Edmonton, Lyra Brown's innate ability for writing stories, poems and lyrics began at an early age. Raised in a family of musicians, there was no shortage of musical knowledge and inspiration in her household. Lyra began studying piano at the age of five and writing lyrics in her early teens. At 16, she invested in a four-track recorder, which she has used to record and produce over 50 songs.

Lyra's homemade recordings captivated local audiences and led to substantial opportunities in the music industry. For example, in March 2008, Lyra was asked to open for Metric's Emily Haines at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Furthermore, Lyra has been showcased on CBC television, was named the winner of the 2009 Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Competition, and has had countless songs played on CBC, CKUA, and CJSR. What's more, promoters, such as Tooth Blackner, have repeatedly sought out Lyra to perform at various events around the province. Lyra has had the chance to deliver successful performances at Nextfest (2010, 2013), the Edmonton Folk Music Festival (2010), the Calgary Folk Music Festival (2009) and the Canmore Folk Music Festival (2010).

In April 2012, Lyra worked with Kurtis Harder to shoot a professional music video. Unsurprisingly, Lyra's talents have caught the ears of several other musicians who have invited her to be a featured vocalist on numerous recording projects. Over the past five years, Lyra has truly garnered notable attention and recognition as a Canadian artist.

With such a positive response from the music industry, Lyra's artistry has undergone a metamorphosis. Shedding her once whimsical approach, Lyra's songbird voice now evokes a worldliness that is often described as ethereal yet enduring. Lyra's songs have the ability to lull a boisterous bar into a gentle hush and captivate audiences with lyrics rich in imagery and uncanny metaphor. Her music is vivid yet obscure, resonates truth yet is graceful and charming.

In October 2013, Lyra was chosen by RAWLCO Radio to be one of their 10K20 artists and was given a grant to record her debut album. She teamed up with Brad Smith, a Canadian audio recording and mixing engineer who studied at the Liverpool Institute and has worked alongside some of Hip Hop and R&B's most notable producers (Easy Mo Bee, the Soul Diggaz) in New York City. She co-produced her album alongside Jay Sparrow, an accomplished Canadian artist in his own right, who has produced and co-produced over 20 commercially released records. Together, Smith and Sparrow are a brilliant duo who have been working together for years (Scenic Route to Alaska, Owls by Nature, Nuella Charles). Lyra recorded at Smith's studio, Red Panda Recorders, in June 2014 and is releasing her debut album 'The Language of Eyes' in January of 2015.