Our beautiful city is deeply saddened by the loss of the historic Roxy Theatre. Weve all had many fond memories of this iconic venue.

The Theatre Network will rebuild and they need our help.

Come down and enjoy some great music and share stories about the cool passageways, the comfy seats, the strange bathrooms, the rooftop! The amazing, hard working dedicated staff and above all, all those incredible shows.

The Provincial Archive

The Provincial Archive is a folk-informed indie-pop quartet: proof that with a penchant for arrangement and a pile of musical trinketry you can strike a balance between chirping electronics, harmony and indie-rock.

Joe Nolan

While it’s not every day that a songwriter makes it from the shadows of open mic nights to the high wattage, real deal scene, Joe Nolan’s old soul lyrics and striking vocals suggest that the odds of breaking through are in his favour. Joe Nolan’s distinctive and intimate vocals stack the deck. From theramin tremors to raw howls, his range of expression reaches extremes. He delivers bandaged fragility and raw rage with equal impact. The songs are fervent, pressing and intense, attuned at once to the world of youthful melodramas in which Joe, an artist in his early 20s lives, and an older, deeper level of human experience. Insight into the latter has nothing to do with age. The strength of his debut record, Goodbye Cinderella (2011), earned a nomination for Canadian Folk Music Award Emerging Artist of the Year, a record deal, and a chance to record in Nashville […]