Ruined Escape Plan

Ruined Escape Plan was forged amidst the falling autumn leaves of 2008 in a large garage outside of Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Evolving with an ever-growing sound and passion throughout its years, the band has seen several line-up changes. Accompanying these changes have been stylistic shifts both visually and musically, finally forming the mature and complex rock sound that fans can connect with or simply enjoy rocking out to. Fronted by the enchanting and energetic Maria Pelletier and her awesome vocal abilities, and thrust forward by the intricate and driving musical talents of Kyle Hansen, Reid LeClair and Matthew Plested, Ruined Escape Plan has created a profound and powerful musical encounter.

The Dear Kils

Formerly known as Foxjaw, The Dear Kills is a female fronted rock band hailing from Red Deer, Alberta. The Dear Kills is forged by three distinguished musicians with roots deep seeded in the local music scene. Synthesized from backgrounds of pop, hard rock and indie/folk, The Dear Kills have evolved into a new breed of rock. Distancing themselves from a musical culture obsessed with genre classification, The Dear Kills pride themselves on innovation in sound, without defining themselves by any single style or genre. The Dear Kills produce a distinct combination of driving rock music, mixed with layers of rhythm, funk and soul. With an established and loyal fan-base, The Dear Kills will fight tooth and nail to the top.