The Secretaries

The Secretaries combine dreamy, anthemic vocal harmonies with dark, indie sensibilities. Disco and discord find a seamless, spectral partnership in the heart of this trio – a sound brightened by intermittent horns and atmospheric synth. Maybe you’ll cry, but probably you’ll dance.

Slow Fresh Oil

The history of Slow Fresh Oil goes back to 1997 when Brent Oliver (bass, drums, keys) had some extra recording studio time at the mighty CJSR FM88 in Edmonton. After inviting Lyle Bell (guitar, bass) to come “fuck around”, the two completed White Trash on Black Lacquer in a matter of weeks. The lo-fi material was released in 1998 on LP and drummer Gravy was recruited to fill out the live line-up. After a number of Alberta shows, the group self-recorded & released the 40 song masterpiece Post Operative Socket Management – the title referencing Oliver losing an eye in a hockey accident in 1999. The band toured extensively with the likes of the smalls, FUCK, King Cobb Steelie, Veal and many other late 90s Canadian indie rock outfits. In addition to touring, SFO found success on MuchMusic with the D-Lux directed video for “Squeezin’ The Bale”. Burnout, booze, and […]

Kimberley MacGregor

Edmonton-based Kimberley MacGregor is a sultry and powerful vocalist, singer-songwriter, and multi instrumentalist. She writes and performs a variety of genres and styles, weaving fluidly between soul, folk, country, roots and blues. Her songs are are fearlessly honest and emotionally relatable, aiming to unite and soothe using song as a tonic. Kimberley’s vocals have been described “A beautiful, sultry and melodic tone, carrying a rasp, rich with charisma and reminiscent of an old soul. Kimberley is a classically trained vocalist, having studied privately for 12 years and earned certifications for Voice and Music Theory with The Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music. She has studied numerous instruments, including flute, mandolin and cello, to name a few. She currently teaches Voice, and is expanding her guitar skills through private weekly lessons. In addition to performing as a solo artist, Kimberley currently performs with The Living Daylights, The Tubsteppers, Cadence & Nathan and