Jesse Northey

Jesse Northey is an active participant in the Edmonton music community where he currently resides. He is a recent graduate of the University of Lethbridge and studied music and the art of recording, and digital audio. He is the front-man for the indie rock band Jesse and the Dandelions and has played bass for The New Weather Machine, and the Brenna Lowrie Band. Jesse does post production work in the television and film industry as well as music composition work. Jesse was the production co-ordinator at CKXU 88.3 FM for 4 years in Lethbridge, and a live sound operator at a local venue called The Slice. Currently he does live sound at an Edmonton venue called the Artery and is doing work at a studio called Riverdale Recorders in addition to his own personal studio work. These jobs keep Jesse in tune with the local scene and puts him in the position of being a great resource to those looking to record music or produce other forms of audio art.

Jake Ian

Jake Ian is a guitarist/singer songwriter hailing from Warspite, Alberta, a small farming hamlet of 48 people located 100 km north east of Edmonton; often referred to as the arm pit of Alberta. All geography aside, Jake began his music career in High School starting the legendary Edmonton punk rock act, PiND, in which he was the lead guitarist, lead vocalist and chief songwriter. Two years ago Jake decided to journey down a foreign path, longing to take his songwriting to a new level. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a love for such artists as John Prine and Tom Waits, he began writing and performing alternative folk songs; songs of love, lonliness, longing and despair. His songs contain an air of urgency and his performing conveys a certain passion that carries his beautiful yet sombre melodies to the ears of his listeners. Able to pick a guitar and blow […]

Erin Fought

When enjoying a performance by Beaumonts Erin Faught, you may feel as though youve come to visit an old friend in her living room.. Erin takes a genuine interest in everyone who comes to see her, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that compels her audiences to invest in her performance and they cannot be disappointed. She reveals honesty and experience in her lyrics well beyond her 21 years and her warm, full vocals confirm that she is an old soul. Erins followers have come to expect the unexpected from her showsshe is as likely to break into a song and dance routine to a Beyonce song as she is to silence a room with a stunning vocal performance. What is consistent is her humble, good nature and her obvious investment in every single one of her acoustic folk songs and performances. Come to her performances expecting some incredible music, and […]