The Collective West

The Collective West is an Edmonton-based alternative-folk outfit comprised of four talented artists of diverse backgrounds. Erin Faught began her career on the Edmonton music scene as a solo singer songwriter, turning heads by incorporating looped vocals and beats into her heartfelt folk songs, before collaborating with Alexander Klassen, a bold and technically stunning musician from Fort St. John, BC. With musical roots in hardcore and metal, Klassen had recently gone acoustic and solidified himself as a beloved fixture in the underground Edmonton music scene while performing as Alexander Chemist. Alex Charlton, who had joined Klassen in previous musical pursuits, was called upon to provide smooth, technical bass lines, while Dave Sustrik utilizes his Grant MacEwan musical schooling to play every instrument under the sun - from the accordion to varied forms of percussion. From this group, you are as likely to hear a gentle, audience-silencing ballad as you are to hear a bold, provoking rock tune, and upbeat party track to dance and sing along to. Yet, their sound manages to be cohesive, accessible and true to every member’s background, no matter how distinct. It is evident from their live performances that the band is passionate about their music, audiences and their bonds with one another. Cited as “Edmonton’s most creative and unique folk/alternative band” (Christopher Schieman, Beatroute Magazine), The Collective West is committed to making exclusively innovative music that is accessible to anyone.

The Collective West’s 2011 debut album, Things We Do, was called the ‘must-have album for folkie music lovers’ (Jon Squires, Merge Magazine). The album’s single, won a Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Award, was featured as a New and Noteworthy album on iTunes, and was nominated for Folk/Roots Album of the Year at the Edmonton Music Awards.

Following the success of Things We Do and a Western Canadian tour joining Zaac Pick, Mike Edel, and Fish and Bird, The Collective West released their second album, Fire & The Ocean in November 2012. Fire & The Ocean met great acclaim, named one of the top 10 local albums by Edmonton’s New Music Michael, receiving 4 nominations at the 2013 Edmonton Music Awards, and the song ‘Call it Home’ being selected for an upcoming Canadian feature film, ‘Cold Lights’.