The Wet Secrets

It all started with a racy (staged) photograph snapped in dim light back in 2005, under the dankest of circumstances. Half-hearted promises to form a band were soon forgotten due to epic alcohol consumption, but would rear back like an angry stallion months later when it became apparent that The Wet Secrets might not be a bad idea after all. Formed out of contractual obligation (contracted while drunk most likely) The Secrets wrote and recorded the haphazardly magical ‘Whale of a Cow’ album in the seven days preceding the first gig. Tubas, paint cans and trombones poke into the mix of campy, homo-centric fuzz rock. Upon release, it teetered and lurched its way onto Edmonton area charts and lists, burrowed into the hearts and minds of the artistic and then scampered off into local band lore… A secret album by a secret band from a desolate place, eked out and sought after but rarely found.

By 2006, time constraints from other projects (Shout Out Out Out Out, Whitey Houston, The Vertical Struts, Dirt City Films & Capital City Burlesque) forced the Secrets to conscript the Calgary-based Chilean ex-pat, Diego “my ears are fatigued” Medina, for a grueling, year long, multi-city recording experiment/fiasco. Of the 18 songs recorded between Jan 2006 – Jan 2007, nine tracks finally made it through the mixing and onto ‘Rock Fantasy’. Made temporarily available for free download on the band’s website, the song ‘Secret March’ surged to the #2 spot on CBC Radio 3 in the spring of 2007. Now, finally, ‘Rock Fantasy’ is being given wide release in spring 2008, with remixes by Cadence Weapon and Shout Out Out Out Out’s Nik Kozub.

The Lad Mags

Four women and a garbageman drummer, transmitting spooky garage soul harmonies, somehow pulled from an invented history where Motown begat psychedelia.