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Whats going on here?

Well, were primarily a rental venue. This helps us to keep fresh and up with the times! We have a very wide range of events from folk music, live art, poetry readings, thrash metal and rummage sales.

Will the fine folks at The Artery help me with promotion?

We’re a pretty small army here, so we leave the bulk of the promotion to the renter. We will however Tweet/FB post/Instagram it/the next big thing as much as we possibly can!

I hear The Artery has top notch gear?

Yes we do!

  • Beautiful Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 Digital Board – more info & manual
  • Yorkville Paraline speakers and monitors
  • All mics, cables and stands are provided.

If you need anything extra before playing, just ask!

Can I leave my stuff to be picked up the next day?

Unfortunately not. There are many events at all given times happening at The Artery, so load out MUST be the same day! All left over articles will be found here.

Whats your capacity?

We cap out at 149… tell your guests to come early!

Can I bring fire, smoke machines, glitter cannons and other out of the ordinary items to make my show awesome?

Please ask before! But the answer to glitter cannons is always no. No glitter cannons. That goes for everywhere.

What does it all mean?

Everything means everything for the most part. If you don’t know yet, I suppose thats part of the journey. Maybe ask an elder.

Is it true that your rental rates are super reasonable?

You’ve heard correct! We provide a fair rate to make sure no one loses their shirt over their art!
Our rental rates are as follows:

  • Weekday & Sunday rental – $320
  • Friday or Saturday – $420
  • Cinderella fee (Midnight weekdays, 1 am weekends) $30/hr
  • Album release rental $240
  • All ages +$75 (weekdays) +$125 weekends

All rentals include a top notch sound tech!
Ask if your rental qualifies for one of our many discounts!
Your rental is confirmed after a deposit is dropped.

‘The Artery is exclusive to YEGLIVE for ALL ADVANCED tickets.’

Remember! The power to create resides within us all.